A climb for peace


Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs’ Forum (NYEP), an organisation established to promote youth entrepreneurship in Nepal, organised the ‘Dharahara… Climb for Peace’ on August 5. Realising

the fluidity of the political situation in our country, a top priority of the forum has also been to contribute positively to the peace process. In their national campaign for peace and prosperity, NYEP, since its inception, has been conducting various activities including launching a national peace campaign with their motto ‘Nepali ko chahana, shantiko kamana.’

After the formal unveiling of the peace message on the top of Dharahara, Gaurav Agarwal,

president of NYEP, said, “We have gathered here today to emphasise the urgency of peace in our kingdom and also to collectively condemn the violence surrounding us. The loss of peace has not only adversely affected our businesses and economy but also our cultural heritage.”

There are many such beautiful historical monuments and cultural spots in the country that are a source of national pride and revenue generation. But owing to the current violence, these are under threat. Climbing the 213 narrow steps of Dharahara was really tiring and not so easy. Let us all hope that attaining peace in Nepal would not be as tough as the climb.