A nightmare called Victoria

LONDON: Football star Sol Campbell’s girlfriend Fiona Barratt has called David Beckham’s

wife Victoria a “prima donna” and “a nightmare”. Fiona, an interior designer, described how Spice Girls singer Victoria hogged the limelight at the 2006 World Cup, thesun.co.uk reports.

Fiona said, “They had no idea who I was...and had no idea of my background. I didn’t care and got on the bus with my Financial Times and my sudoku. The non-entities had to walk out first. The higher the profile, the later they were. Of course, Queen Bee Victoria came out last, there being at least 10-15 minutes before she appeared, and her hair and make-up team were all in the lobby.”

She added, “I sat and watched the whole charade. Victoria Beckham ... what a nightmare. She’s such a prima donna.”