Mumbai: Once bitten twice shy? Not in Bollywood at least, with two of the busiest stars — Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan — suffering freak accidents during shooting. First, it was Akshay...While shooting for Priyadarshan’s ‘Garam Masala’, he banged his head against a wooden cabinet, leading to profuse bleeding. Recalling the experience Akshay says: “There was panic on the sets. The blood just wouldn’t stop. Everyone thought it was far more serious than it actually was. I was advised stitches. But I chose to use ayurvedic healing...I never take allopathic medicines.” Hrithik Roshan, meanwhile, is down and under with a leg injury. Laughs the actor uneasily, “It’s a hamstring tear. Should be okay in about five weeks. Fortunately, it happened during the one extra take that I requested from dad for the last action shot for ‘Krissh’.” —HNS