‘Onstage is where you show your mettle’

Dewan Rai


Aaitihasik Live Concert at BICC grounds on Saturday was more than just a concert what with live performances from the likes of Aastha, The Uglyz and Lochan Rijal. The Angel, Shree King, a new hip hop singer, and R Musks were also present at the show. Dharmapath Youth Club in support of Samjhana Audio Video had brought in popular bands and persons together to promote new artistes and to save a bit of the proceeds to utilise for a social cause, a tradition the club has been keeping up since long. Saroj Shahi, vicepresident of the club, informed that the club would feature new artistes in live concert every month. “This is our first venture into music,” he said. The club got the support of SAV which has a adopted scheme of what they call an “ad on event” for the last three years. Raman Singh Shrestha, chairman of SAV opined, “Studio singing is far easier. Live is where you show your mettle.”

“About 4,000 finally turned up at the show,” said Shahi.