Akshaye vows not to work with dad Vinod

MUMBAI: Although Akshaye Khanna bonds big-time with his dad off screen, he is petrified of working with him in films. The actor has sworn never to share screen space with Vinod Khanna.

“I worked with my dad in my first film Himalay Putra. It was a terrifying experience. There’re certain people whom you shouldn’t work with. My dad is one of them,” said Akshaye.

“Mr (Amitabh) Bachchan is another. To stand in the same frame as them confidently is impossible. They’ve such an overpowering screen presence... It’s that quality — either you have it or you don’t. Very frankly I don’t have it. Akshaye doesn’t feel the same way about any of his contemporaries. “But yes, Govinda is another actor I feel the same way about. He’s a very effective actor. Govinda is a very scary actor. Even Sanjay Dutt has such an overpowering screen presence,” said Akshaye who worked with him in Salaam-e-Ishq.