AROUND TOWN: A packed weekend

KATHMANDU: This is going to be one rocking weekend for the Valley denizens. With a number of parties and musical gigs been planned to kick in the warm weather, people can get ready to really let their hair down and party.

Open Your Eyes II:

After a long mum in the party scenario of the otherwise ultimate party capital Kathmandu, this Saturday night (February 25) PartyNepal is back with the second edition of ‘Finlandia Open Your Eyes’ with DJ SickFreak. The Latin Quarters at Baber Mahal Revisited will be grooving and swinging and will be the place to party all night long, or just to hang out with one’s friends. The party will start from 8 pm onwards with opening set by DJ Vibe and then one of the Kathmandu’s most loved DJ SickFreak will take control of the console. This will be PartyNepal’s first event of year 2006 here in Nepal.

For Yusuf Rajbahak A.K.A. DJ SickFreak, it all started when he was living in a hostel in a university in Russia in 1994/95, where dance parties used to take place every fortnight in its basement discotheque. “I was fascinated by how one person (DJ) could control the mood of the crowd and get them to dance the night away. I became friends with the DJ who lived in the same hostel. We then started hiring the social space to celebrate Nepali occasions such as New Year and dashain, and birthdays et cetera where I used to stand behind the console changing tapes,” expresses this DJ who has created a niche for himself in the party scene of the city.

After graduating from Russia, DJ SickFreak returned to Nepal and started working as a full time IT professional. He became friends with guys who were into electronic music and were holding underground parties in the Capital. “They had just started doing regular trance nights at Tantra restaurant and bar in Thamel. I also joined the bandwagon. And the rest as they say is history. It’s been more than four years since I’ve been regularly DJing in and around Nepal. Outside of Nepal, I have played at Mint bar in Victoria, Canada called Mint for Nepali Diaspora there,” he adds.

His style of music includes House, Progressive Trance and Psychedelic Trance. However, he claims he does not confine himself to certain genres of music only. “I like playing Hip-Hop, R&B and lots of new Hindi and Nepali remixes. Lately, I’ve been listening to sounds of Asian underground. But, one genre I do dig into big time is Tribal house,” he says.

‘Finlandia Open Your Eyes’ is on February 25 and is priced at Rs 500, which includes a welcome drink and all the grooves and funk. The event is being sponsored Finlandia Vodka, supported by Carlsberg Beer and Surya Lights, and is being managed by

Rock your Mahashivratri:

For the rock music fans of the Capital, this is one show that is going to rock their Mahashivratri for Dynamic Era Vision Pvt Ltd is all set to bring a show that will be a rocker’s ultimate dream.

‘Mahashivratri Live Music Concert 2062’ will bring together the nation’s famous rock bands like Robing and The New Revolution, 1974 AD, Abhaya and The Steam Injuns, and the The Axe.

The concert will kick off at 1 pm on February 26 at Bhrikutimandap, so be there. Tickets available from Bhrikutimandap from February 24 and the organisers office (4421026).

Let’s go rappin’:

Here’s ‘Rap Fever’ — the first ever rap summit of the country organised by International Music Society Nepal scheduled to take place on February 25 at Hyatt Regency ground.

MadZone, Nepsydaz, Nirnaya da NSK, C.O.D, The Unity Aidray and Da’69 will be performing to wow the crowd. This will be followed by a DJ Session. Suman Shrestha with Mistah K will be featured in the session along with DJ Rajex. Binod Singh, event manager claimed that Saturday’s show would be an exclusive rap show. According to him, it is a show where one will learn to swing to tunes that are easy and enjoyable.

The show is scheduled to begin at 1 pm. The ticket is priced at Rs 400.

Save a life:

And here’s a musical bonanza for a cause. The Lost & Found Foundation, an NGO that aims to provide help and support to the needy and helpless, is organising a ‘Live Concert Dance Party’ at the Rox Restaurant and Bar, Hyatt Regency, on February 25 in support of Kumar Lama.

Lama is a young man of 29 who was working in a carpet factory as a trainer. He had come to Kathmandu with a lot of dreams and a will to work hard. But unfortunately for him and his family (wife and two children) he suffered a kidney failure shattering his dreams. His poor financial status has even made it impossible for him to get proper treatment. He needs a kidney transplant, which will cost Rs 7 lakh, and Rs 14,000 for monthly medication. This is a huge, huge amount for Lama to shell out.

So, here’s where Lost & Found Foundation comes in. With the likes of Rita Limbu, programme presenter Image FM, Anu Shrestha from Image Channel, singers Rama and Laxman Dawadi, counsellor of Nepal Youth Bijay Kumar Prajapati, responsible for the show, the concert is sure to be something to be looked forward to. And moreover, your participation in the concert could save a life. For further details, call 98510-59353, or 9841-206522.

Celebrating womanhood:

KATHMANDU: The world definitely knows women are strong. But there is a difference between just knowing and acknowledging this strength.

Celebrating Womanhood Navadevi Awards 2006 is an endeavour to honour and applaud the contribution of women from different spheres of life. In its fifth year, the awards was initiated by Creative Statements as an annual event to celebrate the vision, inner beauty and power of women. The Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare has taken up this event as part of the government’s venture to salute extraordinary women. Nine women will be honoured with the award on February 24 at a function to be held at the Royal Nepal Academy. The nine awards are inspired by nine different Hindu goddesses — Annapurna, Bhagawati, Bhawani, Durga, Karuna, Lakshmi, Mahamaya, Saraswati and Shakti.