Artistic heritage

KATHMANDU: In their exhibition titled Heritage both Shova Bajracharya and Prachandra M Baniya have focused on the art that is present in the architectural structures of Nepali temples. Their collection being exhibited at The Art Shop from November 16 is a close and beautiful look at the tudals, torans and the sculptures of gods that we see in various temples.

While Bajracharya has highlighted the beauty of what traditional craftsman have produced in the tudals of temples Baniya has brought

out an impressive picture of different mythical characters and motifs related to religious belief.

The one common factor between these two artists’ style is that they have been able to bring out a realistic texture in their paintings. They have paid full attention to minute details of structures and presented them in commendable manner.

In Bajrarcharya’s portrayal of tudals one can actually recognise the original material; whether it is wood or metal. As for Baniya’s creations the faded background creates a sense of mystery, which further enhances his portrayal of various mythical icons.

They have used perfect shades of colours thus adding to the realistic approach to the subjects.

The exhibition is on till November 30.