Berry says ‘X-Men 3’ role will be more exciting


Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry has said she has been promised her character Storm in the X-men movies will do more than just fly around planes in the next film in the series.

The writer of ‘X-Men 3,’ Zak Penn, said: “As one of the writers of the last film, I’d say it’s true she ended up with mostly exposition and plane-flying. There was a whole sequence at the beginning of the last film that showed the origins of her character in Africa, and it got cut simply because there are 14 characters to service. But X3 has a couple of big twists and Storm is right in the centre of them. The fact that Halle is a very good actress underused compounds the wish for her to have a better role.”

Berry said: “Storm is a formidable fighter in the comic books. She has a cape and can fly. I’ve never flown anywhere in two movies except behind the wheel of that plane. I’d hate to not be part of the final film, but I won’t spend five months standing around, even though we all stand to get paid a lot of money this time.”