Bond that lasts

Adorned with feelings

Decorated with loving

The truest relationship

Which does not end

Even after billions of years

The connection of two hearts

Though others don’t see

The bond that lasts

Yes, it is the truest relationship

And it is friendship.

— Binisha Nepal, Class IX, Triyog High School,


Dark night :

It was on a dark night

When an old man got a fright.

The sound in the creepers made his hair stand on end

The swaying of the weeds kept his eyes pop out.

The thunder and lightning made his heart pound

Rain beating on the window pane made him feel cold.

The old man will never forget

This dark, dark night.

The sound from the cupboard made him freeze

And the owl’s hooting made him squeak.

So frightened was the old man

He couldn’t sleep at all.

— Abhishek Upreti,

Class V, Modern Indian School, Lalitpur

Fleeting happiness :

I wonder how days fly away

As we move through life’s way

Days which were rays

Days which were bright.

Days filled with laughter and joy.

Why were those moments snatched away?

My heart had little room for sadness

It was always filled with gladness.

Everything gave me happiness

Nothing seemed to worry me

All I could see was love and glee

But I wonder what made the happiness flee.

— Ajeeta Ale, Class VII, DAV School, Kathmandu

Life’s :


Life is like


Where friends

are added

Enemies are


Joys are multiplied

Sorrows are divided.

Life is like Chemistry

Evaporating our


Giving us crystals

of happiness.

Life is like a tempest

Neither it is comedy of errors

Nor it is mild summer night dream

So live it as you like.

Life is a pleasure

Greet it with a smile

Love is a treasure

Keep it all the time

Count your life by smiles

Not by tears.

— Jyoti Lama, Class VI, Lord Buddha Academic

Centre School, Kathmandu