A little of this and that

1.New Nepal, New Voices by Sushma Joshi, published by Rupa Books, Rs 350

2.Divisadero (hardcover) by Michael Ondaatje, published by Bloomsbury,

pp 288, Rs 895

3.Two Lives (hardcover) by Vikram Seth, published by Abacus, pp 512, Rs 895

4.The End of Oil: The Decline of the Petroleum Economy and the Rise of a New Energy Order (paperback) by Paul Roberts, published by Bloomsbury, pp 416, Rs 995

5.Airman (paperback) by Eoin Colfer, published by Puffin Penguin, pp 432, Rs 500

6.A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier (paperback) by Ishmael Beah, published by Fourth Estate, pp 240, Rs 550