Burton’s mini museum

LONDON: Moviemaker Tim Burton’s home has become a macabre tribute to his films, featuring furniture and puppets from his sets.

The Corpse Bride director loves to take mementos home from all his films — and now he has a bizarre movie

museum full of his own creations. He tells WENN, “I’ve got so much c**p in the house. I got a really huge chair from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory which everybody loves sitting in because you feel like a little child. I’ve got Corpse Bride puppets, Nightmare Before Christmas puppets.”

But his collection of oddities isn’t limited to his own films, “This wax museum closed down and I bought the wax figure of Sammy Davis, Jr. I have it on the couch and one of the friends of my children went crying to his mother, saying we had a dead person on our sofa!”