Captured vibrancy


They say a picture speaks more than a thousand words, and the photos of Valeriy Garkal proves this saying correct.

The photo-pictures by Garkal on exhibition at the Russian Culture Centre, Kamalpokhari were captured during the last two years when he travelled to places like Nepal, Russia and India.

His creations are called photo-pictures as he has given some extra touch to his photographs. With his special touch, he has brought out a vibrancy and an almost motion-like effect to his photographs, which look like paintings. The extra touch of red on a simple photograph of a smiling old Nepali woman has added extra charm.

He has also created this effect in the photographs capturing the architects of Nepali temples, which generates this motion like appearance. Garkal brings out these effects without using any computer graphics, it’s all his work with the lens.

The dramatic use of colours makes each photograph rather eye catching. This exhibition also includes a slide-show called ‘The elements’, which shows the beauty of nature in the five elements — earth, air, water and fire.

Dr Nadia, a Russia-born psychologist, who travels with Garkal in his creative ventures is the project coordinator.

The exhibition is on till the end of October. — HNS