Cascades on canvas


Waterfalls in rocky mountains are some of nature’s fascinating creations. And if you have this urge to see such beauty, you won’t have to go hunt for waterfalls or rocky mountains. All you have to do is visit Gallery 9 where you can see 20 paintings by Gautam Ratna Tuladhar, depicting the effects created by such cascades.

A dancer himself in the past, Tuladhar has already done several solo and group exhibitions, and had even portrayed some of the dance forms of the 14 different zones in one of his exhibitions. This is the second time Tuladhar has perceived the rocky mountains as human figures and depicted various dancing postures that is very unique and interesting.

Done in acrylic and oil — dries quickly and is fast to prepare — all the painting are semi-abstract with special colour toning generally of blue and green that is quite impressive and eye catching.

This exhibition title ‘Dancing Mountains’ was inaugurated by Pauli Mustonen, charge de affairs, embassy of Finland on May 14 and will be on till May 22.