Clutter-free life

KATHMANDU: People have this habit of keeping things that are no longer in

use just for the sake that it might come handy someday. While that day might not come, these things sure add on to creating clutter at your place. Along with creating space for new things de-cluttering will also make your house clean and spacious.

Here are couple of tips to help you in your de-clutter mission —

• Start this clutter clearing mission from kitchen; empty all the kitchen boards. Replace everything that’s still in date that you think you’ll use. Chuck the rest.

• Some people have this habit of subscribing to magazines which end up piling thus occupying lots of space. Except for one or two magazines — that you really want to collect — make sure you recycle all the reading materials after giving them a good read. There is always an option to tear out the interesting pages and articles you want to keep.

• This removing clutter job should also include your PC. Delete programmes that you don’t use and archive to CD files that are not much in regular use anymore. Create the much needed free disk space.

• Then there are those unnecessary gadgets, clothes and shoes. Though these things are brought with much interest, often they are not used at all or we outgrow them. So the best idea is to either donate or when it comes to gadgets sell it off at second hand stores.

• Identifying objects that you can throw away is just

one part of the whole process; there still is the question of where to dispose them. Bonfire is one great way to do that. But be careful not to throw flammable objects and plastics in it.