Courtney Love dating new Thur-Man

LOS ANGELES: Courtney Love is dating Uma Thurman's ex-fiance, hotelier Andre Balazs, and insists the pair are smitten with each other.

Courtney Love is dating Uma Thurman's ex-fiance.

The Hole singer - widow of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain - began romancing hotelier Andre Balazs earlier this year and is completely smitten with the handsome businessman and insists the feeling is mutual.

She wrote in an email to a friend: "I'm in lurve. It's nice. Scary. I'm a great catch and he can be a bad boy but he loves me. He is the sweetest thing and he actually totally does respect me. His manners are impeccable but he is funny too (sic)."

Courtney - who has repeatedly claimed to have been defrauded of her wealth by various people - has been staying in a suite at the Mercer Hotel in New York, which her new beau owns, but now says she is spoilt for choice over places where she can stay.

She said: "He has properties everywhere and has given me the key to his apartment, but what is better than living in his hotel?"

The mother-of-one recently denied reports she was dating Andre, who split from actress Uma in 2007 after a three-year relationship.

She said: "He is just an old friend and my sometime landlord."