Crowd loves DJ Raju’s remixes


DJ Raju, the Valley’s renowned DJ, is here to prove the fact that DJs are not only good at playing other people’s music, but are equally talented at creating their own. And to celebrate DJ Raju’s creative work, a grand party was held at Hotel Radisson on November 11.

‘A Grand Remix Party’ organised by Royal Time Entertainment in coordination with Malta International was held to celebrate the album launch of DJ Raju’s first album.

Tuborg Beer, L and M Cigarettes, and Reeyaz Music had sponsored this mega party, which was a huge success with over 800 people attending it and trying to find a foothold on the dance floor.

The ambience was apt for a Friday night party with amazing lights and smoke. The stage, too, was set up perfectly giving everyone a clear view of the DJ and other performing artistes.

The remixes composed by DJ Raju are already popular in the party circuit, the most happening track being Chyamba hoi Chyamba. All the people involved in making it happen laun-ched the album, which is sure to become a hit amongt the music lovers of the Valley.

The party heated up when some popular music artistes joined DJ Raju on stage and performed numbers which left the audience no other choice but to dance to their tunes. Various socialites, television personalities and models were also spotted at the venue. Movie star Bhuvan KC was seen enjoying the party.

The event kicked off magnanimously with some great music and a great crowd. DJ Raju

certainly deserves accolades for making such good music. We will be looking forward to such awesome events in the times to come.