Dear Sonpari

To the dearest fairy of all, Sonpari, lots of love and best wishes. How are you? I hope you are enjoying sound health. This is me, Pooja Bhatta, all the way from Dadeldhura, a far western district of Nepal. Your magical wonders, good behaviour and companionable nature has made me realise the true meaning of friendship. You are the prettiest fairy whom I admire.

First of all, I want to extend my hand in friendship. Your work for humanity and eradication of evil inspires me to uplift my society. As your name suggests, your works are as precious as gold and you should know you are also worth that. You have always shown the right path for the rest of us to follow. You are loved in the hearts of many people. Sonpari, you punish the villains who want to destroy peace. Nevertheless, you have an exuberant personality. You have strength of mind and intellectual passion. Your magic powers like vanishing, reappearing, and flying in the sky with wings are truly fabulous.

How is your friend Altu? He must be eating now. I think his habits won’t change. What about Fruiti? Is she OK? I hope so. You have saved Fruiti from many dangers. I know you treat her as your daughter. When something impossible reaches you, it suddenly becomes possible. You also have a wonder stick. Now, I am thinking how nice it would it be if I were a fairy. But, what to do, God decided I should be human.

Our lands are too different. Your fairyland has compassionate people and there is peace, love and security. But on our earth, many people have lost their humanity. There is violence, corruption and anger. The earth exists only due to the work of a few good people. I know inhabitants of your fairyland are also worried about our earth and you are sending some flawless people here to guide us. I request, from the depths of my heart that you help our earth escape from terror. Your magic, good will and determination can surely change the world. The ghouls of society must be given a lesson.

Dear Sonpari, from your courage and bravery girls learn about the natural empowerment of every woman. I say to my brother, “Wherever there is grief and worry, there is our Sonpari.” Though you and I are far apart, you are always in my heart.

Sonpari, you are an exemplary person. Your wisdom and efficiency is truly wonderful. I am not just flattering you. Do you remember once your wonder stick was stolen? If I were you, I’d simply flounder in confusion. But, by your courage and prompt determination, you found your stick. You are always busy saving others’ lives and encouraging people.

Sonpari, I want to tell you a secret. In Nepal there is a rebel group that is tearing our country apart. There’s a terrible civil war and no one feels safe. If you don’t mind, I request you change the attitude of both the rebels and the government. Our country is in crisis. Many innocent children are unable to continue their studies and some are even dying. The rural areas of are still out of the reach of the infrastructures of development and vital facilities. Please work on getting peace back so we can work on making Nepal a better place.

If you seek any help (not that you need it) please call me. It would be a pleasure to work with a magical and beautiful fairy like you. Bye, Sonpari! Please reply soon.