Delhi experiences a Nepali meltdown

New Delhi:

Venue: Tapas, The Lounge Bar, Hotel Vasant Intercontinental, New Delhi

Time: 11 pm

Crowd: 600

For party animals all around the world, it doesn’t matter where they are and who they are with when it comes to partying. It was a refreshing night out for the Nepali students and residents in Delhi this Friday night and what more could they have asked for than an enthralling party by the pioneers in the field, PartyNepal.

Considering the fact that it was their very first event in the Indian capital, this party ‘Delhi Meltdown’ by PartyNepal was a sure shot success, an evident manifestation of which was the humongous amount of people who were trying to barge in to the party.

The crowd was fantabulous consisting of people from varied races, backgrounds and interests. From students, the yuppie crowd to the local Delhiites, everyone got to have a taste of what we call pure Nepali fun in its truest sense.

The party started at the said time of 10 pm and the swarming in of party animals did not stop till the party ended. DJ Nebiu from Delhi, DJ Grenville, DJ Jazzy Joe joined by PartyNepal’s very own DJ Robin, gave the crowd a perfect combination of sensational music belonging to various genres coupled with the best ambience one can imagine. From hip-hop, R&B, commercial Bollywood remixes to the best of Nepali pop, the party poopers got an amazing chance to shake their booties to the best pick.

Though every track the DJs played made the crowd go ballistic, the Nepali favourites like Chyangba ho Chyangba and Chhudaina Timro Maya Le were the obvious crowd pullers.

Many Page 3 journalists from Delhi could also be spotted covering this one-of-its-kind event adding more oomph and panache to the entire thing. At a time where back home life has become stagnant and dull, the Nepalis in Delhi certainly had an invigorating experience and we are sure PartyNepal will keep up to its commitments of never letting anyone have a dull moment ever.