LONDON: Cameron Diaz is convinced her life is guided by protective guardian angels.

The My Sister’s Keeper actress is convinced she has been helped throughout her life by the spirits who have been sent to protect and guide her.

She said, “I believe we have many lives and that our spirits are everlasting. I know I have many guardian angels with me all the time. I have always been aware of that since I was a child, and I am very grateful. They are with you, you know? They guide you.” Although she has got guardian angels, Cameron credits her beloved family for being the biggest help in her life.

She said, “My family help me stay grounded. I was 20 when I started acting — I turned 21 on the set of The Mask, and I have changed so much since then. I am a completely different person. But the most important thing to me is still the same as it has always been — laughing with my family and friends.”