Johnson says 'Baywatch' is summer's 'sexiest, funniest' pic

LAS VEGAS: CinemaCon just got a little less dressed.

The cast of "Baywatch" took the stage Tuesday afternoon alongside around two dozen scantily clad men and women sporting the classic red bathing suits to preview the film for exhibitors and theater owners at the annual convention.

Star Dwayne Johnson told the audience of theater owners and exhibitors that their movie is going to be the craziest, sexiest, funniest R-rated comedy of the summer. Johnson called their group the "'Avengers' of the beach." He also introduced new footage in what they called a "fuschia band" trailer, riffing on the risque nature of the NSFW "red band" trailer.

Matt Damon and Payne were on site to preview footage from the satirical "Downsizing," out in December, which imagines a world where people can literally shrink themselves down to save money and lead a better lifestyle. Damon also joined Julianne Moore and George Clooney to discuss "Suburbicon" — a Coen brothers-scripted and Clooney-directed dark crime comedy set for a November 3 release.

Clooney noted that their November 3 release puts them up against the superhero pic "Thor: Ragnarok" which comes out the same day.

"Thor is a handsome, good looking man with a hammer ... and we have Matt," Clooney deadpanned.

CinemaCon runs through Thursday.