Eat right, stay healthy

KATHMANDU: A fitness and nutrition workshop, ‘I feel good, I feel great — Eat right and Stay Fit’ was organised by VLCC on August 27 on its premises at Dillibazar to celebrate their first anniversary here in Nepal and also launch a weekend package — Lipofit, for people on the move, and Gel therapy which will be addressing problematic areas.

It was an interactive workshop conducted by Dr Anju Ghei, vice-president, Training - Slimming and Fitness, and Dr Rekha Sharma, senior vice-president, nutritionist. Besides the information provided, eager participants put forth their queries and even participated in the activities. The programme included low calorie show and doctors meet as well.

“Our main focus is on prevention of various diseases by adopting healthy eating, remaining active and doing some exercise in today’s world where life has become so sedentary,” said Dr Ghei. “We helped people know how to assess themselves on basic things like flexibility, posture, endurance/stamina and muscle strength,” she added.

The fitness regime has various types of stretches, cardio exercises and others for office goers, housewives and ladies post delivery.

Dr Sharma elaborated said, “Body composition analysis is necessary not only for obese people but even slim and young ones. The high percentage fat we usually have is not good. We modify people’s diets after finding out their eating pattern, and we try to provide it using a very natural scientific method without any supplements or medication.” She added, “The food you eat is what you wear, so you need to have a balanced diet.” The workshop will be held on August 28 too, but on an individual level.