Etchings of peace


Russian Centre of Science and Culture and People to People Nepal organised a graphic arts exhibition and a talk programme to mark the ‘International Day of Peace’ on September 21 at the Russian Culture Centre.

The exhibition titled ‘Moscow-Kathmandu in Graphics’ was inaugurated by the Minister of Land Reform and Management, Jagat Bahadur Bogati, and featured creations by Russian artist, Maria Suvorova. While talking at the inauguration, director of the Russian Cultural Centre, Sergey F Kiselev said, “Maria’s style of paintings by using lines is something that is not very prevalent these days.”

Her creations, which include sketches and watercolours, showcased different landmarks of Moscow and the lifestyle of the people there. They were like snapshots of women in places like cafes and supermarkets.

“I like to capture the day-to-day life of people. I find it simple and interesting,” Suvorova explained.

Suvorova, who is on her first visit to Nepal, has also presented her impressions of Nepal through her paintings. Most of her creations of Moscow are black and white, while her paintings of Nepal are bright and colourful.

“I found Nepal very colourful. The women are dressed in bright colours so I have made those paintings vibrant. Moscow is not that colourful due to the snow, and even women there like to wear black and white,” Suvorova elaborated.

Her paintings of Kathmandu also show on-the-spot portrayal of a particular moment like women travelling in a tempo or a woman sitting at a traditional Nepali window. “The whole building is beautiful and the situation is poetic. If you look at the painting, the window looks like a butterfly,” she pointed out.

The second half of the event included a talk programme on ‘Peace through understanding’.

Ram Babu Shah, Head of Information Centre, UNDP read out the message for International Day of Peace, from UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and UN Secretary General’s special envoy to Nepal, Ian Martin. Former SAARC Secretary General, Yadav Kant Silwal was the other speaker at the function. Igor S Gavrichev, Counsellor and Head of Mission, Russian Embassy in Nepal was also present at the event.