Fielder-civil: 'Winehouse stole drugs from Moss'

LONDON: Amy Winehouse's ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil has blasted his former lover in an explosive new interview in which he accuses the troubled star of stealing drugs from supermodel Kate Moss.

Fielder-Civil has opened up about the Back to Black hitmaker's struggle with narcotics, alleging the singer sank so deep into addiction she often went to desperate measures to get her hands on illegal substances.

The former junkie alleges the pair attended a celebrity party at New York's Gramercy Park Hotel in May 2007, just weeks after their whirlwind wedding in Florida, where drugs were freely available.

Fielder-Civil claims Winehouse indulged her raging habit by stealing a packet - allegedly containing cocaine - from Moss' purse.

He says, "Kate Moss and another supermodel were there, as well as Hollywood actresses. Kate had told Amy to get a 10 dollar note out of her handbag to snort lines (of cocaine) with. But Amy told me she found two grammes of cocaine in there - so she nicked (stole) them.

"We did some in the toilets and had sex, but we did the rest in front of everyone. There was plenty of cocaine on a table in a room available to everyone. Kate was so drunk she never knew it was missing."

Fielder-Civil also claims the pair once took cocaine on a private jet owned by Pamela Anderson, after the former Baywatch star invited them to Las Vegas, he adds, "Me and Amy sneaked off to the toilet then too."

Moss was previously caught up in a drug scandal in 2005 when a British tabloid printed pictures of the catwalk beauty allegedly snorting a white powder at a recording studio in London.