Fight for equal pay, don’t complain: Sonam

MUMBAI: Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor says instead of “complaining” about unequal remuneration, women should stop working with those who pay them less.

“They complain about equal pay and I understand that. If you think you deserve something, fight for it and the best way to fight for it, is by not doing it. So, don’t work for those people who you think are not paying you enough. Don’t complain about it,” Kapoor said during an event here.

During a different session at the same event, Piku star Deepika Padukone said she was not “unhappy” with her pay, but believed there should be “some semblance when it comes to the current generation of stars.”

Kapoor, 30, also said she is a “complete feminist” and there is nothing to feel shy about it. “I am a complete feminist.. .Being a feminist is to understand that it’s not about boys and girls, it’s about being who you are, not being afraid, and standing up for what you believe is right,” she said.