Fish ’n chips in a paper cone


The last coordination meeting for The Himalayan Times International Food Fest was held at the Bhaktapur Hall, Hyatt Regency on November 21. Invitations and passes for the event were distributed to all fest participants. The Food Fest, which is scheduled for November 26, at Hyatt will have 18 participants representing different countries. And 1905 Kantipath is ready with a selection of world famous British delights chosen by the restaurant’s American Chef Vinny Ginocchio. “Since we want to promote British food in Nepal, there is nothing more British than Fish and Chips,” says Ginocchio. This famous culinary delight originated sometime around 1850s in England and spread all over the world. English style Fish and Chips are prepared by evenly cut fish fillets dipped in a beer batter, deep-fried, and served along with French fries in a newspaper cone for easy takeaway purpose. The purpose behind adding beer to the batter is that the carbonation in beer helps create a light, crisp crust and certainly adds to the flavour and taste.

“Fish and Chips was eaten and loved by people of all generations in the last food festival, and we had also run out for an hour or so,” recollects Shova Rayamajhi, executive director, 1905 Kantipath. The other delight is Roast Beef with Flat Bread Wrap. “English people love Indian food, so they bring in something from Indian delights and blend them together with classic English cuisine,” says Ginocchio. To prepare this, beef is slowly roasted in the oven and a few choice herbs and mushrooms are added. This is served with flat bread. Another item that is sure to pander to the Nepali palate is Bangers with Mashed Potatoes. It is basically English sausage served with mashed potatoes and fried onion and gravy all over. Similar would be English sausage with peppers on Baguette. “There are set instructions for preparing all this, however, I love to do some kind of fusion of my own to bring in some twist because I like to put my own personal signature to it,” says Ginocchio. Well, if it is to be Fish ‘n chips, then be there at THT food fest at Hyatt on November 26.

On your plate

•Beer Battered Fish ‘n Chips: Rs 100

•Bangers with mashed potatoes: Rs 125

•Roast beef in flat bread wrap: Rs 150

•English sausage with peppers on baguette: Rs 150