Friends, fun and frolic

Friendship Day (first Sunday of August) is a day especially set aside for friends to celebrate friendship. If you haven’t planned something, here are some pointers to help you out whether you are at home or planning to go out.

Bliss at home

• Stay over night at one friend’s place, get DVDs of your favourite flicks and enjoy with your best buddies and lots of munchies.

• Record conversations (without letting anyone know) and make copies of those and share fond memories.

• Share your weirdest imaginations and ideas. Add on each other’s imagination making it more interesting. From planning future wedding gifts to strangest career options.

• Try new recipes or improvise on your favourite dish. Be adventurous; make your own signature dish.

• Have a friendly match on your Play Station and Xbox.

• Write thank you notes to each other. Play truth and dare and be a sport after all they are your friends.

watch movies like

• Scary movie series

• Andaz Apna Apna

• Jane Bhi Do Yaron

• Chris Tucker Must Die

• Dil Chahta Hai

• School of Rock

• American Pie series

• Without a paddle

Or you could watch the back-to-back 15 episodes of Friends on Star World

On the road

• Make sure you hang out only with friends; no tagging along your partner.

• Go to a cozy place and enjoy a glass of olive margarita.

• Ditch the regular

hangouts and try somewhere new.

• Explore new places.

• Take a long drive with friends and pig out at 24-hour eateries.

• If the weather agrees, then opt for a picnic.

Places you can visit

• Nagdaha

• Taudaha

• Shivapuri

• Knock inn at Bangemuda

• Layeku at Patan

• Grasshopper at Basantapur

• Double Dorje at Bouddha

Gift ideas

• Take pictures with friends and get it enlarged and framed.

• Treat each other at salon with foot massages, similar nail arts or a good haircut.

• Do something you always wanted to do as a group. Get piercing or tattoo together. Or go for something temporary like mehendi.

• Get similar patterns or print on t-shirts from places that provide such services.

Happy Friendship Day!