Gay icon? Abhay’s thrilled

MUMBAI: If the buzz is to be believed, the younger lot of homosexuals find Abhay Deol irresistible. Probably because of the non-conformist and rebellious attitude that the actor is synonymous with.

Abhay is visibly thrilled.

“Really? When did that happen? Wow, that’s great. It’s really a positive thing. Attraction is attraction, as long as people find me attractive, it doesn’t matter which sex they belong to,” he says with a dimpled smile.

“I am flattered,” he adds after thinking for a second longer.

Ask him if any man has made a pass at him, he roars, “I am not sure.

You know, I walk around with blinders. Even if someone went crazy trying to show me that they find me attractive, I wouldn’t notice,” he says with a sheepish grin.