Gemma Arterton sick of critics

LONDON: Gemma Arterton thinks British actresses get unfairly criticised by the public if they become successful.

Gemma Arterton is tired of being criticised for being a beautiful and successful young woman.

The 'Quantum of Solace' star - who is currently taking a break from movies and is starring in London play 'The Little Dog Laughed' - finds it frustrating that British people seem to be eager to pour scorn on actresses.

Gemma, 23, told The Times newspaper: "When you put yourself in these huge popcorn movies you get out there, in the public arena, more than anyone else. But that also means you're out there to be criticised more than anyone else.

"With Keira Knightley, she's brave to do her play, because for some reason, if you're successful in Britain, people tend not to like you. But if you're a successful woman, and beautiful, you're even more disliked."

Despite complaining about her film career, Gemma has agreed to star in new movie 'The Disappearance of Alice Creed'.

In the film, she plays a kidnap victim and she loves the role because she has to get "down and dirty".

Gemma said: "I wanted something that was getting down and dirty, and really not about how you look. I wanted to have f***ing hair and make-up everywhere, just not giving a f**k!

"And yes, I get tied up, beaten and there's nudity. All the things that make people go, 'You should not do this!' But I put my foot down."