Kyunki...’ impressions

MUMBAI: ‘Subse Bada Rupaiya’, a play by Muni Jha Productions, was staged at business tycoon Subroto Roy’s dream city, Amby Valley, at Lonavala, the occasion being the birthday of his wife. Over 2,000 Sahara India employees enjoyed the function. Over cocktails and dinner with select guests, family members and the cast of the play, Roy said: “We enjoyed the play thoroughly. It has a fantastic theme with a message and humour.”

Muni Jha has roped in some of the most popular actors of ‘Kyunkii Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’ together for this play. The play went already full house when it premiered, and the Sahara show was the icing on the cake. “We got tremendous encouragement from the media due to which we have received inquires from overseas because ‘Kyunkii Saas...’ serial has a huge fan following there,” says Manhar Gadhia, the promoter of the play.

Trusting Gauhar Khan

MUMBAI: B4U VJ and model Gauhar Khan was shopping at a market a few days ago when she came across a teenage boy who looked rather scared. He came up to her, saying he had lost his cell phone, which was exactly like the one Gauhar had. He said it was the second time in a week that he’d lost his cell phone and if his mother came to know, he would have a tough time. The innocent looking boy asked Gauhar to lend her phone for 10 minutes so that he could show it to his mother and promised to return it soon. Gauhar waited for 10 minutes, but the boy never showed up .

Plans for ‘Mission Bangkok’

MUMBAI: Aashish Chanana, who has acted opposite Mandakini and Juhi Chawla, now stars in his own production ‘Dreams’. The film is complete, with Shaan recording the title song for the film. Chanana is also producing an action packed project called ‘Mission Bangkok’. Replete with edge of the seat excitement, action and groundbreaking special effects, this movie will set the adrenalin on an overdrive. Belonging to the ‘James Bond’ and ‘Charlie’s Angels’ genre, the film will be shot in Thailand and China. It will have a multilingual cast with three actresses — a top Indian model, an American model and a Thai model. Talks are on with a leading Thai film production company that has promised to extend support. “I have already found an actress from America who is as hot as Nicole Kidman, while I have also discovered a very beautiful actress from South Africa who might take up the project,” avers Chanana. Also on the cards is an animation project called ‘Magik’, which will be directed by none other than actress Nagma.

Barua takes to Bollywood

MUMBAI: National Award winning Assamese filmmaker Jahnu Barua has agreed to direct three Hindi films for Talking Pictures. Talking Pictures had earlier produced ‘Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar’ directed by Hansal Mehta and is currently making ‘Ek Din Anjaane Main’.

Barua, starting with a National Award for his first film ‘Aparoopa’, got major national as well as international recognition through his third film ‘Halodhi Charaye Baodhan Khai’ that won the National Award for the Best Film in 1988. Barua has so far made 10 films in Assamese, his mother tongue. His films carry a strong social message based on traditional Indian social values. And all his films in Assam have been super-hits.

Benegal’s project with Hawke

Mumbai: He wants to make a film with Rani Mukherjee and Hollywood star Ethan Hawke. But, for now, filmmaker Dev Benegal has put aside the much-cherished project to make ‘Stairway To Heaven’, a contemporary black comedy set in Mumbai. “It’s an original story written by me and my creative partner, my wife Anuradha,” Benegal said. “It’s all about attitude in our changing times.” But what happened to Benegal’s two other long-awaited projects?

“‘Bombay California’, which I want to make with Rani Mukherjee and a Hollywood star, is very much on. I have to survive. I have to keep making films, hence while ‘Bombay California’ materialises, I’ll make ‘Stairway To Heaven’.”

Benegal is very keen to cast Ethan opposite Rani. “And if that happens I know ‘Bombay California’ will generate tremendous curiosity. But I’m not looking at people’s interest level. I’m looking at the perfect cast for my East-West romance.” Regarding his other pet project ‘Ravan and Eddie’, Benegal sighs: “It’s very much on. But the minute I mention a film about two six-year-old boys, I’m warned it’s an impractical task. I guess I will have to brace myself for a prolonged battle when I make it. Because make it, I will.” Benegal is in the middle of a controversy after accusing acclaimed filmmaker Shekhar Kapur of plagiarising. He has said that Kapur has plagiarised from his ‘Split Wide Open’ for the film ‘Paani’, with both movies based on similar themes. But Kapur has vehemently denied the charge.