Matrix original choice Lara

MUMBAI: Recently in an interview to the press the hot and sultry actress Lara Dutta revealed that she was the original choice to play the lead in Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions. “I was offered the script in 2000 when I was in US. I was slotted to be the heroine in Part II and III. But I did not like the script and therefore did not accept the offer.” Wonder what made her reveal this story after three long years!

Karan Johar’s pride

MUMBAI: Margaret Herrick Library California that stores films, screenplay, scripts and movie information for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has requested Karan Johar for the copy of screenplay of Kal Ho Na Ho for their permanent script collection. A visibly excited Johar said that this was the first time that a commercial Hindi film had had this kind of an honour. “I’m overjoyed to have received this letter. It has made my day,” he said. As for the speculations about whether the film is doing well abroad, an article in Guardian says: Bollywood’s latest export three tempestuous hours of laughter, tears, strops and spontaneous song and dance, boasts easily of highest per-screen average of any current movie playing in the UK.”

Dia opts for spell check

MUMBAI: From now on, please spell the name of Diya Mirza as D I A! And mind you, this is not the usual numerology mumbo jumbo. Her original name is Dia. However, it was printed as Diya on the passport and it could not be changed. So Diya or Dia decided to use that spelling. However, she recently realised that her original name Dia was more lucky for her. And guess it is working for Dia. She is awaiting the release of Sambhav and is busy working on Koi Mere Dil Mein Hai, which will be completed this month. She is also doing Neeraj Vora’s Dil Saccha Chehra Jhutha and Padam Kumar’s 35 MM.

Bajpai to play Pakistani?

MUMBAI: Buzz has it that director Yash Chopra has approached Manoj Bajpai to play a cameo in his next venture that isn’t a typical Chopra love story but deals with the Indo-Pak issue. This is for the first time that Shah Rukh Khan and Manoj Bajpai will come face to face on screen. Preity Zinta and Rani Mukherjee have been signed to play the female leads in the film. The film is based on a story that revolves around Preity who plays a Pakistani who is on a visit to India. SRK helps her reach the Wagah border where she meets her fiancé to be played by Bajpai. However, when asked, Bajpai denied being offered a film by the Chopras.

Urmila is Hussain’s choice

MUMBAI: His infatuation with Madhuri resulted in the arty flick Gajagamini. His roving eye then zeroed in on Tabu and the result — Menaxi — The tale of Three Cities is almost ready for release. Just when audiences were wondering what whimsical genius M F Hussain’s eye might spy comes this info. Reports are that M F Hussain has found his muse in Urmila Matondkar. According to him, Urmila’s fluent body movements and her body language had him enchanted. As a result he has approached Urmila for his next film. The film is a laugh riot and will feature Urmila in not one, not two but three roles. One of them is from Pune, one from Patna and one from Patiala. The film is about the comic confusion that arises when the three get mixed up. Why comedy, you ask? Well, Hussain intends to make this film with almost no dialogues so as to make people happy.