Priyanka Source: Agencies

Priyanka Source: Agencies

MUMBAI: First Love Story 2050 and then Victory and now what’s yours Rashee?

All box office failures but Harman is unaffected by any film’s success or failure. As he said during his recent visit to Ahmedabad last week, “I know my earlier films didn’t do well but as an actor I did my best and people have appreciated my work. I believe the director should be happy with me. An actor is just a part of the film; there are many people involved who make a film hit or flop. It is unfair to give all the credit or all the blame on the actor.”

Harman shares how he always wanted to become an actor. “When I go back to my childhood memories I realise that the actor was always there in me. I remember participating in a fancy dress competition when I was in primary school. I always wanted to do something different and today also I end up selecting scripts which are different.”

Harman is close to his mother “who keeps me grounded. She neither gets excited by success nor gets disturbed by failure. You will not believe but when she won a jackpot in Las Vegas she was very cool about it and rest of us were jumping with excitement.” Though his first film was supported by his father and producer Harry Baweja, Harman has a different story to tell. “Parents’ involvement in my work is completely nil.”

How does Harman react to all the rumours floating around about his films and love affairs? “I just ignore all the rumours.” But that doesn’t stop us from asking him about Piggy Chops. “I want to keep things private.” So is there nothing between Harman and Priyanka? “I don’t want to say ‘no’ either because if something happens in future then people would say that I had said earlier that there is nothing between us. So I don’t want to say either yes or no.” He says, “Every woman has a special quality in her, it is the man who has to see it in her and if he doesn’t see then it’s his loss.” And he loves playing dandiya raas. “Most of my friends are Gujarati and I love playing dandiya raas. I know you tend to hurt your fingers at times but it’s worth playing,” says Harman with a mischievous smile.

Harman is “emotional and I trust people blindly which I want to change.” What keeps Harman busy apart from his work is gaming. “I love playing video games. I have started reading now but I can’t read novels. ”

Don’t we want to know how Harman became Hurman? “I have not added U to my name. It’s the filmmaker who wanted to add because of some of his belief and I respect his feelings so it was just for that film.” So now it’s Harman again.