Hathaway helps FBI arrest ex-beau

NEW YORK: If rumours are to be believed, Anne Hathaway may have actually spoken to the FBI about her ex-boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri, which could have led to his arrest. A pal of Follieri suspects that the actress met FBI shortly before they arrested her ex for an alleged 6 million dollars con job.

“It makes sense. She’s referred to as his former girlfriend in the indictment even though her spokesman never confirmed they broke up,” the New York Daily News quoted the friend, as saying. Follieri is charged with posing as an agent of the Vatican to fleece investors out of millions. “I think that in return for her cooperation, the feds held off on arresting Follieri until she was out of the country,” the friend said.

Hathaway’s representatives have refused to comment on Follieri’s legal troubles. If convicted of wire-fraud and money-laundering charges, the Italian businessman faces up to 20 years in federal prison. He is accused of living the high life after he allegedly duped investors into pouring millions of dollars into a phoney real-estate scheme. Follieri remains locked up on $21 million bail.