Heidi Montag covered in mud in Playboy

LOS ANGELES: Heidi Montag needs to clean up her act.

Us Magazine got their hands on the her new Playboy cover spread and reports the “Hills” star seems to be covered in dirt.

Wearing a stark white string bikini, the fervently religious Mrs. Pratt is coated in a thin layer of grime with a Playboy bunny logo carved on her exposed tummy. The coverline of the magazine reads: “Heidi Montag: The Gossip! The Drama! The Dirt!”

But don’t get your hopes up, boys. “She's not nude,” confirms her sister Holly Montag.

The newly minted covergirl showed up Thursday night in Los Angeles to the premiere of the summer action flick “G.I. Joe,” where hubbie Spencer Pratt proudly toted the magazine for all the paparazzi to see. Pratt was so thrilled with the cover that he kissed it several times while photographers snapped away.

Not everyone will be running out to newsstands. For the August issue of Harper’s “Bazaar,” former co-star and frenemy Lauren Conrad was asked about why she thought Montag had decided to pose for the sexy magazine. Conrad offered a subtle barb to Montag’s infamous bout of cosmetic enhancements saying, “They're not going to pay for themselves.”