Hip-hop workshops

KATHMANDU: “There’s no shock-value in hip-hop,” said Kima Hamilton aka DJ Nutman defining the essence of hip-hop culture at a press interaction organised by the American Embassy on March 4.

This is the first time that hip-hop artistes from US are performing in Nepal and organising workshops on/about hip-hop dance and rap culture in Kathmandu on March 4, 5 and 6 in different venues around town.

DJ Nutman and B-Boy artistes Victor Mangrobang aka B-Boy Victamone, and Chris Sagayo aka B-Boy Ika, who are affiliated to the Global Block Foundation, will be performing collectively to delight many music and B-Boy fans.

According to the mission statement the Global Block Foundation website, “The Global Block Foundation harnesses the spirit of innovation, creativity and activism at the core of the Hip-Hop movement to empower youth and transform communities across the globe.”

“We do a lot of performances in rural areas back in US and conduct workshops to educate the youth. Hip-hop gave youth something to focus on,” said Mangrobang.

Global Block in association with the American Embassy is coordinating with Nepal Music Center and Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory as partner organisations to the conduct three-day workshops and performances.

“We have conceived this tour as an opportunity that connects the sentiments of different community through Hip hop,” said Hamilton.

Seats for workshops are limited; contact NMC for more information — 4465463.