Hollywood not on Shilpa’s cards


International website imdb.com incorrectly listed Shilpa Shetty’s name in the cast of US-based director Roger Mende’s international film Forever, fuelling rumours that the actress was heading to Hollywood.

Denying the reports, Shilpa said, “Most certainly not! But I went to Tirupati on Sunday night. I’ve walked up and down to the temple bare feet the whole night and I could

certainly do with a spot of humour right now. The report that I’m doing a horror film called Forever with — who is it? — yeah, Roger Mende, gives me that much-needed relief.”

After her visit to Tirupati, Shilpa is in a sober mood and says she is too busy with her Bollywood projects to think about international films. “Hollywood is something I’ve never given a serious thought to. The closest I came to doing an international project was Mahmood Sipra’s Sooraj Ka Dastak, which Madhuri Dixit and I were supposed to do. Now I’m too busy back home to head westwards,” said the fatigued actress.