Homework help

Homework is a big concern for parents and kids. Many children need homework help to finish the requirements for school. Use the Feng Shui principles to aid your child in their homework. A well-designed space will keep the child alert and a little enthusiastic about completing an assignment or two.

Desk Placement:

Place their desk in the northwest sector of their bedroom or in the living room or kitchen. If this spot is unavailable, try and keep it in the Northern sector of the living spaces.

Desk Size:

The desk should have enough room for their books and papers. They will get easily frustrated if they are continually shuffling papers because of lack of space. Kitchen tables make a great desk. Have a wicker basket filled with school accessories and place in the centre when the table is functioning as a desk.

Chair Placement:

The chair should be placed in the power position for the room. The back of the chair should be against a solid wall. If there are multiple children using the desk, try and have them all against a wall or window. A child will be easily distracted if they are continually moving their heads to see what the noise is behind them.

Scrap Paper:

The colour of the scrap paper should be yellow. Lawyers are correct in using this colour for making notes. Yellow gives clarity and creativity. It helps focus the mind. Also, have excess scrap paper, some children write largely and need a piece for each problem. If paper use is a problem, invest in a good quality chalkboard for them to do their problem solving on.

Pens and Pencils:

Most children are encouraged to write with traditional black pencils and blue pens. My kids use different colour pencils depending on their task. A child, who has a difficult time with coming up with a story idea, should use a red pen or pencil crayon. Red gives confidence and power. A child that is hyper should be encouraged to use a blue or green pencil. It is also a good aid when studying for tests.

Homework Time:

A child should do about 20 minutes of homework and then have 5-10 minute breaks of play activity. The child can stretch their legs play a game. The child should not watch television or play video games during their off time. Have your child do the more difficult work in the beginning and end with the art homework.

Homework Clothing Style:

Do not have your child in pyjamas or cosy track suits to do their homework. A child clothes will either lower or increase the energy. Colours of yellow, orange, blue and green are great colours for your child to wear to stimulate and calm the mind for homework. Dress for success works in the business and school world.


Students of all ages are constantly hungry and thirsty when doing their homework. Keep the food light and energizing. Fresh lemonade, nuts, seeds and a few multigrain crackers with hard cheese are good snacks during the studying hours. Do not expect your child to do homework after a plate of pasta. The comfy soft foods tire the body and mind.


The homework area should be well lit. A small light on the table to highlight their assignment papers is ideal. The light bulb should be 40 watts and give a soft glow. A dark room will have your child sleeping before their work is done.