LONDON: The late Michael Jackson’s ex-wife Debbie Rowe is seeking full custody of the couple’s children. The King of Pop passed away at the age of 50 on June 25 after a cardiac arrest apparently caused by an overdose of painkillers. Soon after his death Jackson’s elderly mum Katherine and Debbie were set to launch into a bitter fight for custody of his children.
While Katherine was looking after Prince Michael Jnr, 12, Paris, 11, and seven-year-old Prince Michael II in Los Angeles, Debbie had apparently signed away her parental rights in return for a house and a multi-million dollar lump sum. Jackson family lawyer Brian Oxman said Katherine would probably care for them long-term. “She loves them dearly,” British tabloid the Sun quoted him as saying.
However, Debbie-who is the mother of Prince Jnr and Paris-had told a friend that she wanted full custody of the youngsters, just two days before Jacko’s death. The friend revealed, “Debbie threw a fit, saying she was sick of the way Michael was bringing the children up. She said she was going to go for full custody of them. She said she was quite prepared to go all the way and fight him in court for it.”
Last December, Debbie, 50, went to lawyers after Jacko’s biographer claimed that the star was suffering from a chronic lung condition and had just months to live. She asked for more access to her children, saying, “I’m their mother and they need me.”
The pal added, “Michael’s mother is almost 80, Debbie doesn’t want them to lose their father and then their grandmother.” Prince Michael Jnr
and Paris were born during Debbi’s three-year marriage to Jacko in the 1990s. Prince Michael II — nicknamed ‘Blanke’ — was born later to a surrogate mother.