Keep a tidy study desk

Neat desks are essential to help students build constructive study habits, build organisational skills and have a clear mind for concentration. It feel much better when you see things are all straightened up when you sit down to study. Clean desks make a student feel better about studying and provides a better atmosphere for learning.

So, here are a few of the simple strategies to help students keep their desks as neat and structured as possible.

Problem: Little junk everywhere

Solution: A plastic shoebox-size container, which can be bought at any store is a cheap and lasting solution that keeps all of the little things together in one place. No more pencils, calculators, or crayons stuffed in the nooks and crannies of a desk. Once you buy a set of these containers, they’ll last you a really long time.

Problem: Paper explosions

Solution: If you look at your desks you will see countless loose papers flying all around. All you need is a a neat folder. It’s simple, really — just get a folder in which to keep these loose papers that they will need again in the future. With all of the items consolidated, the inside of the desk assumes a more organised and sophisticated look.

Problem: Not enough room

Solution: If there are simply too many items in your desk, consider keeping some of the less-used books in a common area, to be taken out only when needed. Take a critical look at what you store in your desk. If it’s too much for comfort, alleviate some of the items in competition for precious storage space. Every little bit makes a difference.

Problem: You just can seem to keep your desk clean

Solution: As soon as it’s tidied up, it transforms back into its formerly disastrous state. Some students just can’t seem to keep their desks clean for any length of time. Consider using a programme of consequences and/or rewards to motivate yourself or you can ask your parents to help you with this, to maintain the proper standards of desk cleanliness. You can cut down TV time and get back to cleaning it or earn a privilege when its real neat and tidy. Find a plan that works for you and stick to it!