Kid Rock regrets bimbo attraction

LONDON: Kid Rock wishes he could lose his ‘bimbo attractor’. Rock, who was previously married to Pamela Anderson, wants to avoid getting romantically involved with vacuous women.

Hinting about his turbulent romance with former Baywatch star Pamela, the 37-year-old musician told Britain’s The Independent magazine, “My greatest regret? Well, she knows who she is. If I could change one thing about myself, it would be to lose the bimbo attractor chip that God must have placed in me at birth.”

The All Summer Long singer started dating Pamela on and off from 2001, and the pair married in 2006. They divorced just five months later. Rock has previously said of the marriage, “What can I say? I was in love with the chick. Did I think the marriage would last? Yes, I honestly thought it would. I was that much of an idiot, that f***ing blind.”