Kumar and Karma recreate yesteryear magic


Nepa-laya’s ‘r’sala resounded with the renditions of Kumar Subba and Karma Yonzon this weekend as they performed at the Paleti Shrinkhala series. The duo performed 18 songs

in the two and half hour long concert.

The legendary pair went back to the yesteryears of their musical career and sang melodies long unheard but never forgotten. Most of Subba’s numbers were related to love and tragedy.

The audience were enthralled at Subba’s consistent quality of voice, and Karma’s everlasting soulful music. Their songs also spoke of love the Nepalis residing in India have for Nepal. Kumar also spoke about how Paleti has been acting as a bridge between Nepalis living on both sides of the border.

Some oldies, some new ones including some unrecorded songs written and composed by Gopal Yonzon, were also sung.