Life and dreams

It is said that one has to first dream in order to make that dream come true. Different people have different dreams. Dreams can be defined in many ways. It may be a series of images and feelings that occur in your mind while you are asleep or it may be the long-held ambition. If you think of something as possible then it can also be taken as your dream.

Your imagination creates your dream and your dream ma-kes your life. Don’t ever say that dreams don’t come true. It does but only if you try. The dreams about ambitions and success are not fiction. They show you what is your life all about and what you want your life to be.

So, if you dream of being something in your life then go for it. Life is not too short for that to not happen. You can do many things in life. Life is all about struggle, hardship, having dreams, achieving something and becoming a success.

If you have a dream and courage to boost that dream, then go for it and make your dream come true.

— Anu Marhatta, Class IX, Siddhartha Vanasthali