Himalayan News Service


A three-day workshop called ‘The Ultimate Retreat’ for artistes from various fields will be held from February 13, 14 and 15 at Cave and Nest Restaurant, Nagarjun Hill, a little further off from Osho Tapoban, it was announced at a press conference. The workshop organised by Penumbra Pvt Ltd, Maya Group and the Restaurant will involve participation of fine artists, litterateurs and musicians. Visitors will be allowed from 9:30 am to 6 pm.

“We are weary of all the violent activities that we keep hearing about everyday. We decided to come together to give creative expression to our desire for peace through art,” said Gopal Kalapremi, a participating artist. “For three days, let us escape into a world of our own.”

Nagarjun Hill lies on the outskirts of the city. To make it more convenient, the organisers share that they will be providing regular bus service. “This is a beautiful place,” said Sashi Shah, senior artist. “With music added, the environment will certainly be lively. So far, art has mostly been restricted to our own rooms. Slowly, this process is changing. Art has no boundaries and we want people to be a part of our creative process.”

The idea of workshops like these has gained popularity. The artistes expressed their desire to be working together and learning from each other. The emphasis being on art in a natural environment, the theme focuses on nature art.

“Times and people have changed. Art created in a different environment will certainly inspire different ideas. Impact of the experience will surely be reflected in our works,” stated Shankhar Raj Suwal, another senior artist. Sudarshan Bikram Rana, organiser and participating artist felt, “This is a beginning to many new things.”

Entrance is free for all.