Looking at cultures in twofold


Double Vision’ an exhibition, which includes print works of four female artists — Nan Mulder, Gea Karhof, Ragini Upadhyay and Seema Shah — brings out their visualisation of different cultures. The concept behind the exhibition was initiated in 2004 when Mulder and Karhof had visited Nepal to see the Tibetan stupas. This joint international exhibition has earlier been held in Open Eye Gallery, Scotland and Kunstcentrum Haarlem, and this is the concluding show of the series.

Besides the medium, Goddess Kumari is something that is common in works of the four artists. Both Karhof and Mulder travel extensively and they pick up the cultures of different places which are visible in their works. Mulder believes that while Karhof and she juxtapose the elements of various countries they observe while travelling Seema Shah and Ragini Upadhayay bring out the delve below the surface of their own culture.

She also pointed out that the work of all four artists are realistic and not abstract. Red, black and golden colours were predominant in her creations and she has depicted Nepali culture through pieces like ‘Infinity in the palm of a hand’ showing a hand offering flowers in a temple.

Meanwhile Karhof’s creations are a unique collaboration of icons and monuments from different parts of the world. From Marilyn Monroe to Mickey Mouse and from Frieda Kahlo to royals of earlier centuries her prints have brought together icons from different periods of time and place. Her works have beautiful assembly of colours, which makes each and every piece vibrant and attractive. She considers Mickey Mouse as a symbol of her youth. She said, “My studio has all the items I have collected during my travel and those symbols of my journey helps me mix all these different images together.” In her work titled ‘Magical Universe’ she has presented the universe she sees when she lies down and looks at the sky.

While talking at the event Upadhyay said, “Art and culture joins two countries as art works as a bridge.”

The exhibition being held at the Siddhartha Art Gallery has been supported by the Royal Netherlands Consulate and was inaugurated by the Honourary Consul Hans Heijdra.

The exhibition is on till March 15.