The lottery ticket that I’d bought at Thamel Fest made me the luckiest person around. I got an opportunity to go on a four-day tour to some historical places of India.

My first stop was Agra, where I was amazed to see the beautiful Taj Mahal built by Shah Jahan for his wife many centuries ago.

It is a main tourist attraction in Uttar Pradesh.

My second destination was Delhi, the capital city of India. Here too cultural heritages like Laal Kila and India Gate left me awestruck. The ancient palaces really made me remember king Prithvi Narayan Shah’s palace here in Nepal.

From Delhi, I caught an express train to Rajasthan, which has lots of camels but very few people.

The next day I started my trip to Mumbai, the very place where Hindi movies are made. There I came to know that the major income source of Indian government is harbour business.

My fourth and last destination was Goa. I spent some of my most memorable days there on the beach, sipping on coconut juice, swimming and sunbathing. I also got to know more than 1.5 lakh people visit Goa every year.

From Goa I boarded my plane to return home and was shocked when I saw that most of the passengers were youngsters who had won a free trip like me. I will cherish the memories of this tour all my life.