Malaysian magic


There is perhaps no such restaurant in the Valley that has authentic Malaysian cuisine for gastronomes. But now you don’t have to fly to Malaysia try the delectable delicacies as here is a great chance to enjoy the cuisine in the Valley with your loved ones. Believing the strong relationship between gastronomy and identity, Tourism Malaysia and embassy of Malaysia in Kathmandu have decided to give the tastes of Malaysian cuisine making food an important aspect of tourism promotion.

As you enter the Garden Terrace of Soaltee Crowne Plaza, the wafting aromas of delicious food will increase your appetite. The ambience and décor will make you feel as if a small piece of Malaysia has been brought to your doorstep. Well-laid tables of authentic Malaysian starters, soup, main course and a long list of dessert welcome all to enjoy them for both

lunch and dinner.

Known for its fragrant and flavourful spicy cuisine, Malaysia usually uses locally available herbs like lemon grass, pandanus, tamarind, ginger and turmeric. Chef Shanmuga Shundaram Muniandy, who has been flown in especially for the promotion said, “We usually

have fragrant rice, meat, seasonal vegetables and sea food in our dishes. We use Belachan paste which is sweet, sour and hot in most of the dishes.”

As appetiser you have a long list of starters. Try Cucur Udang dengan Sos Manis Masam that has soft and juicy prawn in tangy sauce, or for vegetarians dig into Pecal Sayur-sayuran dengan Sos Kacang, which is boiled vegetables with peanut sauce. On rainy days like the light drizzle of the last few days, sip a bowl of hot Sup Kambing Berempah, mutton soup that is deliciously healthy. If you are among those who prefer noodles, go for Penang Assam Laksa, it is a bit different than regular noodles and more like instant fried noodle — just not spiral.

While here do try their satay. These are different in taste with its sweet and sour flavour.

For the main course, the buffet has everything from vegetables, beef, crab, fish, chicken, noodles and rice. Do try the biryani, which is not very spicy but well flavoured and aromatic.

Rice rules most of their dishes and the dessert section is not left untouched. From rice pudding to cakes — all taste delicious and are not at all heavy. Kuih Talam is just heavenly. This is rice cooked with green colour and rolled into balls sprinkled with grated coconut and served with condensed coconut milk and brown sugar.

Along with the delicious cuisine you can also enjoy the flawless performance by performers from Malaysia, who present their traditional dances and showcasing the cultural diversity of Malaysia.

The Malaysian food promotion is open for lunch (12:00-3:00 pm) and dinner (7:00-10:45 pm).