Music of life

There was a piano in my house and I wanted to play it, so I joined a music school and found it very easy,” says Kohshi Kishita, an 18-year-old visually-impaired singer and musician from Japan.

He performs live on the streets of Japan and has also performed in New York. “Be it New York or Nepal, the audience is the same for me. I didn’t feel really nervous performing in New York,” he says.

Though he cannot see his audience, he can hear and feel the energy and that’s what motivates him. “Though I cannot see the reaction on their faces, I am sure I make an influence on these people when I am on stage.”

His inspirations are Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles. “Even they lived under similar circumstances but created some of the best music, and so I really look upto them,” he says.

Kishita says “Everyone is blessed with a skill, you should find

it and work on it and your dream will surely come true.” He has found his and says he wishes to sing forever.