Nepathya performs in Dharan after almost 15 years

KATHMANDU: Nepal's premier folk-rock band, Nepathya, performed the second show of their on-going four-city-tour to the music enthusiasts of Dharan on Friday evening.

The concert started with the band performing their first song Aganai Bhari during which Nepathya's 25-year journey was shown in pictures on the projection screen.

Dharan, a town once known as the Gorkha recruitment centre for the British Army, is today known as the town of BPKIHS, a medical institute.

Referring to the BP Koirala Institute of Health Science, Amrit Gurung said, "The place which was set to recruit Gorkha soldiers by the British Army is now converted into a medical school which produces life-saving doctors."

"You have chosen to study medicine to serve as well and not only to earn. I hope you will remember this after you walk out of the institute," social activist and legendary singer Amrit Gurung said, addressing the medical students.

The show continued with Nepathya's classic hits Chhekyo Chhekyo, Jomsome Bazaar, Resham, to Mai Mari Jaunla along with their recently released Koshi Ko Paani and Sirfula.

The show was jointly organised by a student body within BPKIHS and MC Coffee Hour, a local coffee joint.

After a successful Dharan show, the band heads west to Butwal to perform on November 26.