Nepathya releases new Nepali song 'Ho Rama Rama' on YouTube

KATHMANDU: Popular Nepali band Nepathya on Sunday released folk-rock number -- Ho Rama Rama -- on its official YouTube channel, two years after performing it on a live performance in Seoul for the first time.

Nepathya is all set to embark on a musical journey to South Korea and the US. It will perform at the Korean Broadcasting System Arena in Seoul on September 15 as their fourth event in the South Korean Capital.

The composition of this song has been based on Ghatu and Sorathi folk melodies, according to Nepathya frontman Amrit Gurung.

Nepathya's single ‘Koshiko Paani’ had been very popular on the video-sharing website with more than 400K views in a month.

It is a mere coincidence that this track is being released before departing for their show in Seoul scheduled for 15th September 2016 at the reputed Korean Broadcasting System Arena known as the KBS Arena, according to Nepalaya, Nepathya's promoter.

“As we have mentioned in our teaser, we have tested the song in all these places and now we are releasing it to the world,” a statement quoted nepa~laya's Kiran Krishna Shrestha as saying.

The video incorporates visual of audience during the Nepathya concerts in Seout

Along with Seoul, the band had also performed this song to the audience in Nepathya's concerts in Seoul, Doha, Bangaluru, Nepalganj, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Dubai, Narayanghat, Lalitpur, London, New York, Atlanta, Hamburg and Copenhagen, where the song was performed, to "show how the audience adds energy to a show and the ambience".

Nepathya has already completed recording of its tenth album which, Nepalaya said, will be released soon. But the band plans to release songs as singles and then compile it together to put them in an album form for archival purpose, the statement added.


‘Ho Rama Rama’ was written, composed and arranged by Nepathya almost 10 years ago. It was meant to be a light-hearted song, full of fun. It had been in the Nepathya list for recording but could not be included earlier.

The lyrics praises the beauty of one Maya:

Hai Maya Hansi dinda debre gala dimple basane

Hai maya hiun chuli ra bara chuli sarmai lajauna….

[When you smile, you show the dimple in your left cheek

The sight of which even (beautiful mountain)

Hiun chuli and Baar chuli bow with shyness…]

“It was 2005, we had just recorded our Album, Ghatana. We were taking a break at our rehearsal studio, when Arpan, our publicist came to us and mentioned that our music was getting too serious. We first took it lightly, but then I realised I had not worked on a light song for many years, as all I could think of somehow evolved around the Maoist conflict we were living through,” Gurung said.

“Rama Rama was a break from that monotony. And I am glad it is finally being made public after 10 years of creation,” he added.

“As it was noticed that, the song caught the audience jumping and singing along, even when listening to it for the first time, we started collecting live footage of the stage and the audience alike while the band performed,” Shrestha, who produced the video, shared.

“After watching the footage collected, we thought it would be a great dedication to all the audience who accepted it with such love and spontaneity.”

"With this release, Nepathya departs for a three city tour of Seoul, New York and San Francisco,"  the statement said, adding that the band will will then be working on the release of third single. "How soon ? Time will tell."