Peoplespeak : Write the fate of your choice with perseverance

Fate and stars are not the brand names of someone else, and it is my conviction that no one is born with a special fate or stars. It is our deeds and actions that determine our fate and makes stars to be favourable for us. If we have the tendency to work hard and the courage to face challenges, we can move forward overcoming all obstacles, hurdles and adversities lying on our path. The only thing we need to have to make our fortune is sound physical and mental condition fortified with courage, determination and diligence. Unless we make efforts, best of the best our luck also slips away. So a person having the ability to understand the situation and call of time can make good fortune. On the contrary, one who believes in luck and fate and stays with folded hands and lags far behind in the race. I personally believe in making efforts to achieve the goals of life rather than storming my brain in the false belief of fate and favourable stars.

— Ambika Pandey,


These are a few quotes by famous people —

For man is a man and master of his fate. — Alfred Tennyson

Each man is the architect of his own fate. — Appius Claudius Caecus

One man’s fate is another man’s lesson. — African proverb

Concern for man himself and his fate must always form the interest of all technical endeavours... never forget this in the midst of your diagrams and equation. — Albert Einstein

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. To keep our faces towards change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable. — Helen Keller

For those whom god to ruin has designed...He fits for fate, and first destroys their mind. — John Dryden

You choose; fate or hard work?

— Madan Thapa

I know that a majority of people believe in their fate or stars even if they say they don’t. We often hear people saying, “No one can change what’s written in our fate.” I wonder if we have noticed it or not, ‘fate or stars’ becomes the topic of discussion mainly if there’s something wrong or bad things happen. I personally would like to change the word ‘fate’ into ‘dreams’ and stars into ‘hard work,’ the ‘dream’ of achieving something and ‘hard work’ to fulfil those dreams. These are the mantras for success whichever field you are involved in. “Bhagya ma lekhe pachi ke nai garna sakincha ra,” isn’t that the phrase that we hear most of the time when we are nearby someone who is woeful? People blame their fate for all the wrong things. That is why it is said failures always have plenty of excuses, right in their pocket.

We cannot afford missing a single opportunity. So, we must always be aware and do our best instead of relying on fate. I often see people looking horoscopes and counting the stars in newspapers. It’s good that they see the horoscope, but it’s really bad that they see only horoscopes. We are here not to be guided by the fate but we are here to make our own fate. The only shortcut to success is hard work. So, one should get on the right track on time. Stop running after what you can’t get (fate and stars) and start running after what you can achieve (success).

— Nabin Shrestha (Rafa)

I don’t believe in this nonsense. I am a man who believes in a realistic approach to life. Nothing’s gonna come flying to your hands until you work really work hard for it.

— Tek Kunwar

n I don’t think fate and stars lead our way. Actually we ourselves must make our own fate and glow like the stars. So to make our own fate we must do extra

work, not just sitting and waiting for a good star, for a sign. The best way is to have patience and exercise your brains and hands.

— Yubraj

In modern age, where many new discoveries are taking place, one cannot fully rely on fate. To achieve success and fulfil one’s desires in life, one has to put in extra effort. If we only depend on fate without doing anything, then we are not going to achieve any success in life. People should believe in making things happen, that is put effort rather than wait for things to happen.

— Sushobhit Pokharel

Good fortune is not inherent. The future of an individual doesn’t depend upon fate, rather individual

effort is what makes one’s dream come true. The criss-crossed lines on the palms

or the everyday horoscope can do nothing against

the strong desire and commitment to perform a task. In fact, we must believe in the statement where there is a will there is a way. I can’t fully support the statement that only extra efforts should be made as one must have luck also.

— Aagya Dahal

I don’t believe in fate and stars. My father and I are like friends and always talk about future plans and programmes. I am quite impressed with him and his philosophy of life that is, ‘Believe in yourself and your abilities, capabilities, and qualifications, not in fate

and stars.’ Everybody has his own philosophy of life, which reveals the personality. In a similar way my philosophy of life represents my nature. I would like to divulge it as, ‘Do your work with full spirit applying all your capacity to achieve name, fame and money.’

Believing in fate/stars and thinking about, ‘We can get only that much which is written in fate,’ is just a superstition, not having scientific proof and is only a factor of drawback in life, it gives only dilemmas in life. So let’s think of life as a crucible and we have to get success. I would like to say, ‘Let’s bid to win believing in self, not in fate and stars.”

— Pramila Pant

There are always two things behind success and failure of a person and those are , ‘luck and hard work.’ I think without our efforts, just having luck doesn’t work. Sometime without our efforts also, just luckily we may achieve something, but I think that it is only coincidence. Luck backed up with hard work and extra efforts is something unique, challenging as well as interesting. Success which is achieved without any effort isn’t that important and exciting too. We should always try to plan our leisure time and maintain our busy schedules and move accordingly. On the way we may suffer, we may fail but then comes the learning process, about the secret of success in our life. So always be positive and hardworking and if we are lucky enough than there will be a time when we will get the result of our hard work and we can shout Wow!

— Sarina Udas

This matter has been discussed and argued down the ages but fortunately my guru late Swami Chinmaya Nand has explained it in a very clear manner. He gives the example of a man who is flowing in the rapids and wants to go to the other side. His raft has got a very powerful motor with which he can negotiate all the obstructions, eddies, and turbulent flow of water. Unfortunately he is not aware of this and keeps on being dragged with the current. In the end most likely he will not reach his goal. He will drown, get hit against the rocks. But the one who is aware of the motor and knows how to start it and use it will be able to reach the other side safely. Although, the forces of rapids will still be very much active.

It is very true that the events and circumstances of our life have been decided at the time of big bang. That is ‘destiny’ and if we do not make any effort, they will drag us along the river of life. But there is also the other factor — the motor — that is our ‘free will’ or self-effort. All that happens to us is the interplay of destiny and self effort. Destiny is only for accepting the outcome after we have done our best in any situation. The one who knows that each individual has been given the infinite capacities of God and can be harnessed by proper conduct, following right values and rising above selfishness, the one who controls his mind under all circumstances with the help of prayer, meditation and constant remembrance of God becomes the master of his own destiny. All the saints and sages have said the same, ‘Control your mind and control the world.’

— Dr Alok Sinha

I do not believe only in my fate or stars. We should make extra effort to achieve more in life. Believing in fate is a wrong concept. We should do hard work and struggle to achieve our desires. People have their own wants and desires. We are in modern era, all facilities that have been developed were because on some kind of struggle not just by believing in fate. Like all humans I also have my own ambitions so I have to fulfil them. If I am do nothing and only believe in my fate than I will never be able to fulfil my ambition or destination. Hence, people should struggle in their life to get success.

— Sabina Balami,

Capitol Hill Academy

I don’t believe in fate that restricts us from exposing our extra effort and talent in a progressive manner. No matter what will be the outcome, we should keep trying, give the best from our side to achieve something. Positive efforts never go wrong; instead the outcome might be delayed but the result will always be in our hands. People should think positively and keep on trying their best for the achievement for their individual goal or as a team. “You can get only those things that is written on your fate,” is a quote that is used by losers. Scientific invention and technological advancement has changed our life in today’s era which would not have been possible without extra effort and devotion for getting things done. In today’s competitive age extra effort is needed in each an every field in order to succeed and stand on the top.

— Mahesh Pd Sharma, Jorpati

‘What is lotted can not be blotted,’ is the old saying. This proverb says that it is very difficult to achieve more than what us written in our fate. This thought has been changed due to development of science and new modern technology. The development of science and new modern technology indicates that nothing is impossible in the world and we can reach any destination if we attempt it with our enthusiasm. Hard work is the sign of success in any field. If people continue in any field with extra effort, achievement is quite possible for them. This idea will encourage the people to continue to work hard

in any field but the man who depends upon fate will get discouraged to continue once fails in

that attempt. Even the ordinary man who does not depend upon fate but works hard in the field has shown the example of success getting a great achievement in his life.

— Mohan Narshing Shrestha, Kupondol

Out of desire grows impelling forces of action which drives one to build plans and put those plans to work. Desires cause men to cherish hopes, build plans, develop courage and stimulate their minds to a highly intensified degree of action in pursuit of some definite plan or purpose. We will be able to fan the embers of our wishes into a burning desire. If men find themselves by luck in a good situation, they continue on as before, doing nothing to improve and if a bad situation arises they curse their luck but never try to alter their circumstances. To succeed, we must have faith in our own ability and just not limit it to fate or stars. Had Thomas Alva Edison doubted his ability and believed in faith or stars, then we would not have been able to light our homes. So, there is no point in believing in fate or stars. Only strong desire, self confidence, enthusiasm, accurate thinking and concentration helps to garner achievement. Losers make excuses by pointing to their fate but winners live their lives of their dream by not limiting to fate or stars.

— Madhav Humagain

Surely, fate is the most important thing. Whatever we do in our life it is already decided by our stars, so nobody can change it. But it doesn’t mean that we should only depend on fate. We should keep on working in our life and surely fate will be on our side. But yes, everything is decided initially.

— Shristi Kafle

Success is about doing the right thing at the right place at the right time and with the right attitude. It depends on how patient and persistent you are at your job and profession. It is never late to start anything, we should focus on our goal and always be serious and enthusiastic about our work and profession. It takes a great deal of time, potential and that extra effort to achieve success. If your stars are with you, then with the least amount of effort you gain great success. Success is a passion in humans that no matter how high we reach we are never satisfied.

— Satyandra Sayami, Nayabazar

I am happy for everything I have got in my life. It is not because I wait for it or believe in fate, but I concentrate on my work and I do have faith in myself. Fate, stars, horoscope is something that interfere in people’s creativity and makes one lazy. All of us have a capacity to do something new and better. I believe in deriving my fate myself and on the efforts we make to make our entire life beautiful.

— Reni Deuja,


To achieve any goal in life, we need to utilise all the opportunities that co-me to us or that we create ourselves. We can’t get wh-at we want just by believing that is all we will get, but many people believe such things and are leading this world towards doom.

— Nyrnzn, Gbs

Of course, we are not satisfied with our achievements. But I think without working hard, we cannot achieve our goals in the journey of our life. One is the fate maker of oneself. If extra effort is done then fate or stars do not have any role in ones success. They are just an excuse for those who do not wish to work hard.

— Ashraya Dawadi