Philanthropic Farrell


Irish actor Colin Farrell helped a homeless man in Toronto earlier this year and is now helping draw attention to a hotline for kids. The 4th annual Abkrakebabra for Childline Day is a hotline for kids, which gives advice on problems. The fast food chain Abrakebebra will donate all their earnings Sunday to the help line, reported.

In 2003, Farrell had helped a homeless man named Stress win $2,000 in a contest to bring him to a Toronto station and when he heard about it on the radio he grabbed the first homeless person he saw and took him into the radio station to claim the money.

And earlier this year he was back in Toronto for the film festival and he ran into Stress again. This time Farrell took him shopping, gave him $1,000, offered him rent money. But the man declined and he bought food for others in his situation.